How is the Healthcare System in Greenland?

Before anything, you need to know for a fact that the healthcare system in Greenland is completely free. What this means is that you don’t need to pay a single penny after being admitted to the hospital.

But, that is the only thing people know about the healthcare system in Greenland. There is a lot more to it, predominantly things that you likely wouldn’t expect to know.

What is the facility like?

Healthcare is indeed free. But, at the same time, they don’t include the most accessible options. Since the villages and towns around Greenland are quite spaced out, finding the nearest emergency room or a hospital can be a hassle.

The nearest hospitals around can only be reached with a plane, helicopter, or a boat. In case you plan on moving to a peripheral region around Greenland, you must check the availability of the healthcare services there first.

The Greenlandic healthcare system also experiences a shortage of staff, especially in some of the less populated regions.

What kind of services do you get in Greenland?

When it comes to the types of healthcare services available in Greenland, the options are quite similar to what you can avail of in other countries.

General doctor appointments and check-ups

  • Hospital stays
  • Special care units
  • Preventive health examinations
  • Prescription medicine
  • Vaccinations

Is good dental care available?

Apart from the general medical services, dental care is also quite accessible. There are public dental clinics available around the towns in Greenland. This means that you can get direct access to dental care services without any issues at all.

Aside from the root canal therapy, orthodontics, caries treatment, etc., the dentists also make regular visits to several schools and kindergartens to ensure the best oral hygiene of the kids around town.

Greenland is targeted towards providing equal facilities and healthcare to people around the country. This responsibility is completely on the government of Greenland ensuring that the free healthcare services along with the prescribed medications.

How many hospitals are there in Greenland?

There are four regional hospitals in Greenland. They are all located in Aasiaat, Ilulissat, Sisimiut, and Qaqortoq respectively.

The national hospital of the country is located in the popular town of Nuuk.

All in all, even with the less accessible healthcare system, the one good thing is that the services are free. This means that every single person has equal services catered to them despite their income source or status.




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