5 Best Mother’s Day Getaways in UK

Mother’s Day has been celebrated for several ages in different ways. There were several festivals in ancient times to honour mothers, like the Phrygians festival for Cybele, the Great Mother of the Gods. In the middle ages, people may return to their “mother” church during the period of Lent.

This return to the “mother” church was an excuse for children to get days off to meet their mothers and families. In the 16th century England, the celebration came to be known as the “Mothering Sunday”. However, three women (Ann Reeves Jarvis, her daughter Anna M. Jarvis, and Julia Ward Howe) of the United States had the primary role in establishing Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day serves as the perfect excuse for you to take a weekend off and have fun with your mother. Here are a few ideas for the best mother’s day getaways to refresh your senses and make her feel important and loved.

1. Weekend at Windsor

East Terrace Garden in the Windsor Castle
Windsor Castle | Photo by Andrew Cross on Unsplash

If your mother has a fine taste of royalty, the Windsor is the perfect getaway for you! The Windsor is the official home of Queen Elizabeth. The castle has a magnificent appeal and displays timeless elegance and charm.

You can go for the Windsor Duck Tour. This tour is inclusive of the Road, River and Splash Tour. You can capture the breath-taking crown estate and enjoy the tour from the beginning to the end in River Thames. The tour allows you to explore some hidden areas of the castle as well as the Eton College.

You can also put up at the four-star Castle Hotel, which is just five minutes’ walk from the main castle. The castle is the epitome of grandeur and royalty. You must visit the Queen Mary’s Doll’s House as it is one of the most popular attractions.

2. Tea in the Bath

Bath in United Kingdom
Bath | Photo by Zac Farmer on Unsplash

Tea in the bath is one of the most relaxing Mother’s day weekend getaways. You can go to the world-famous spa, the Bath. The Bath has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and brings life medieval beauty and glory. You can enjoy a refreshing afternoon tea with your mother in the Bath and do much more than that!

Before you go for the tea, it is recommended that you stroll around the Bath and explore its boutiques and bars. A stroll around the spa area will enrich your soul with the past and lead you to townhouses. You can also go to Circus and Royal Crescent, the shopping centre and buy some gifts for your mother.

If your mother is someone who enjoys tea, Emily’s Tea Room at the Francis Hotel is a must-visit. You can book a session here and enjoy a variety of soothing flavours and fragrances. These will soothe and stimulate your senses, and you can enjoy various sweet and savoury dishes with them.

3. The Cotswolds

Cotswolds in United Kingdom
Cotswolds, UK | Photo by John Dancy on Unsplash

If your mother has a special taste for gin, the Cotswolds is the place to be! Although it does not come at the top of the getaway lists, it is a great place to visit. If you want to get there, you can visit Plough Inn Kelmscott situated in Gloucestershire’s countryside.

This has become one of the most ‘sacred’ places for people who enjoy gin. The Gin Pantry is believed to serve the best gin in the whole of the UK. There are bottles delivered from all around the world here and features a diverse variety.

You and your mother can have wonderful experiences such as tasting sessions and blending your unique gin brand. The plus point of visiting the Cotswolds is that it does not just offer you the best of gins. You can also try out the Hendricks Afternoon Tea for some amazing G&Tea.

4. Capital Cocktails in London

Classic Negroni cocktail in clear rocks glass
Photo by Johann Trasch on Unsplash

If your mother is the glamorous type, then the Capital Cocktails in London is one of the best Mother’s day weekend getaways. The cocktails here in London’s West End areas are set to rejuvenate your mother’s senses and satisfy her glamorous tastes. You can go for a pre-show of cocktails, and the best place for it is One Aldwych.

Located extremely close to the West End, just off Oxford Street, is The Mandeville Hotel. Christian Lacroix has designed four rooms of the hotel, and the hotel has a charming aura.

Stunning antique platinum dress ring with Diamonds embodied
Amethyst and Diamond Ring | Image Credit: AC Silver

The place is the perfect boutique to buy some fascinating jewellery to gift your mother.
You must visit the Lobby Bar at the corner of The Strand to revitalize your senses with the best-in-class cocktails.

Trying out the Showtime Cocktails menu is a must to get the best pre-show cocktail event. The place stages a theatre show with delicious cocktails and delicacies for a wonderful evening.

5. Vintage Forest Glamping

Small wooden house and stairs in the forest

If you wish to spend a quiet weekend with your mother surrounded by nature and away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you must go forest Glamping. One of the best Glamping sites in the UK is the Mad Dogs and Vintage Vans. It is located in the dense woodland of Herefordshire, near the Ross-on-Wye.

There are many ‘stay and sleep’ options to choose from to make your Glamping experience wholesome. You can stay at Gerty, Monty, Elsie or Sybil, which have the best rooms with wood burners to make your stay cosy. This can help you and your mother gets close to each other in the best ways.

If you want to make your weekend adventurous, go to River Wye and take a SUP board. You can enjoy many outdoor activities like rock climbing, paddle boarding and gorge scrambling. You must also go for floatation therapy at ‘Float In The Forest’ to have a floating experience on warm waters with Epsom salt.




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