Sailing Adventure to Kangeq – A Trip Back in Time

It doesn’t matter when you are in Greenland, likely, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this adventure. Yes, we are talking about the beauty of Kangeq. This abandoned settlement is hands down one of the best places to visit around in Southwestern Greenland. In case you are wondering what the place is like, it feels like travelling back in time.

This is one of those places in Greenland that holds a lot of historical significance. The village is also known as the Ghost village for several reasons. This specific settlement was initially inhabited by people until the 1960s, following which it was abandoned and it has been the same since then.

It is also one of the few places that were discovered by Hans Edge and where he worked for some of the years that he lived in Greenland.

How to get there?

Now, this is where the complicated part arises. How does one get to this abandoned village? To be honest, the process is not that tough at all. You just need to right places around to reach the destined settlement around Kangeq.

Since this is an abandoned place in Greenland, you can’t travel there without a guide. This is one of those musts that you can’t forego.

For the trip, you need to start your journey from Nuuk. It takes around 40 minutes for you to reach the spot of the settlement or the abandoned place.

Once you reach the spot, you have around 75 minutes with the guide to show you around the place. Once that time is over, you need to return to Nuuk.

This abandoned place was popular for its Inuit culture, where the north and the south people meet to exchange gifts, arrange marriages, and also do businesses.

What is the sailing experience like?

The sailing experience is the highlight of this whole journey.

You start the trip from Nuuk, specifically from the Old Harbor port. There are a few fishing grounds that you can explore on the Poca boat. Generally, the captain of the boat is the one who guides you through the area.

In case you do have a preplanned tour, you need to arrive at the Old Harbor port 15 minutes early. Always ensure that you pack in some camera types of equipment with you as well. The trip is quite underrated, so ensure that you do find reliable tours to take you there.




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