6 Ways to Unwind After Work

Whether you run a business or work a full- or part-time job, it can be hard to switch off at the end of a workday. In today’s world, everybody has constant access to their work email and work-related thoughts can creep in at any time, day or night.

At the end of the working day, it is important to take time for yourself by relaxing and having fun. By doing so, you will return to work the next day feeling refreshed and calm. Here are six easy ways to unwind and switch off after work.

Turn off Your Email Alerts

When you have work emails set up on your phone, it can be tempting to respond to any work emails that come in, even if it is late at night. If you are addicted to your work emails, an easy way to reduce temptation is simply to switch off your email notifications. Seeing an alert will trigger the desire to check and respond, so turn them off. The email will still be there tomorrow!

Go for a Walk

Getting some exercise and fresh air is the perfect way to leave work mode and get your mind and body ready to relax. You will get your heartrate up and the exercise will do you a world of good. If the sun’s out, you can even top up your levels of Vitamin D, which could reduce symptoms of depression.

Try going for a mindful walk to help you fully detach yourself from the workday, or go with a friend or colleague – just make sure work talk is strictly forbidden.

Read a Book

Losing yourself in a novel is another good way to put some space between you and your work. If fiction does not do it for you, try reading non-fiction works about topics you find interesting. Learn something new and open your mind to different ideas. You never know what you might discover and you will be glad to put the workday behind you.

Play a Game

Playing online games is a quick and easy way to wind down. You can have fun playing a whole range of entertaining games, and if you play on the top bingo sites, you could even win some money. De-stress, have fun and get out of the work mindset.

Try Baking

Making some sweet treats is a fun and delicious way to relax and unwind after work. You could do it with friends or family and bond over your tasty creations, or bake solo and enlist help eating the finished products.

From banana bread to brownies, there is a whole host of free recipes available online, and it is a popular hobby – around one in three Brits use baking to de-stress after work. See if it works for you.

Listen to Music

Listening to music you enjoy can release dopamine (a happy hormone) in your brain, meaning that you will boost your mood and forget your troubles. Whether you listen to music on your journey home from work or while you are engaging in another activity (while you bake, for example), the benefits are enormous.

Whatever you do for a living, it is important to remember that work is not everything. Use these techniques to help you relax and wind down.




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