6 winter clothing brands I’ve learnt to lust/love

lSince coming to the North, I’ve (had to) fall in love with a whole new style of fashion. Bewildering apparel that fits snow, rain, wind, hurricanes and crazy weather like that. Of course, keeping warm is the goal! The pinnacle of fashion for winter clothing apparel is probably your jacket, since that is what you see the most. So I started couch surfing the world of warmth via the internet… 

You might ask why I’m searching now even though it’s summer time. It’s true that it’s high summer now, but I having this feeling that winter is just around the corner. I heard that the first fluttering of snow comes in September, so it could be very well true that I will need to pull out my winter jacket in less than two months.

Below I’ve listed my pick of interesting cold-climate clothing brands, and have included two options from each with a technical and a warm option. I didn’t consider price, just practicality and aesthetics. Beware: jackets are expensive and range between $300 to $1200 USD. One day, maybe, if there’s a good sale!


An Icelandic clothing brand founded in 1926, it began with protective-wear designed to shield the Icelandic workforce from the elements. It’s simple style and cut is very reminiscent of the Nordic. 

Stylishly practical: Eldborg’s women’s jacket (outer layer)
Lust the fitting, love that it’s useful in so many conditions with the Polartec® fabric.


Warm and toasty: Arnarholl Unisex Coat. Lust the 1950s unisex style, love the removable high loft fleece inner layer.



A Canadian brand with a steep price tag. Goose down and design combined in a way that has a bit more aesthetic design in mind. 

Stylishly practical: Audrina Bomber Jacket
Lust the cuffs with thumb hole openings, love the hand-warmer pockets! This jacket is ultra warm too.


Warm and toasty: The Ursula
Lust the military button detail, love that it really doesn’t look that practical but is (duck down, check; windproof, check; waterproof, check).


Fjall Raven

Fjallraven is Swedish for arctic fox and famous for practical winter. It’s also popular with the masses – no hipster can go without a Fjallraven school backpack these days. 

Stylishly practical: Luhkka
Lust the colour, love that it’s inspired by the traditional dress of the Sami people.


Warm and toasty: Nuuk Parka
No need to lust since I have this in a different colour, love that you can carry 5 kilos extra worth of carry-on luggage via the hefty pockets…the flight attendants never check =)


Canada Goose

Made for real cold weather, this brand is the epitome of arctic living.

Stylishly practical: Hybridge Hoody
Lust the blend of soft shell and down, love that there is 3M reflective tape for extra visibility in the darkness.

Warm and toasty: Solaris Parka (available only in Canada)
Lust the softness of the goose down…love that it can be so warm, soft and sophisticated.

Didn’t know much about this Canadian brand before arriving in Greenland, but it’s very popular here in the North and highly rated.  

Stylishly practical: Aphilia Coat
Lust its three-season soft shell usability, love that it could also be a stylish but breathable raincoat!


Warm and toasty: Fission SV
Lust that anatomical shaping for fit and comfort, love the high neck and adjustable hood detail.



Napapijri is the Finnish word for Arctic Circle. The brand was started in Aosta, Italy in the 1990s and became famous for mixing technical gear with a street sense, which was unique at the time. 

Stylishly practical: Skidoo jacket
Lust the luxurious racoon fur hood, love the pullover style for skiing.


Warm and toasty: Marr Jacket
Lust the ribbed body look, love the techno fabric mixed with duck down.

napapijri-ladies-marr-jacket-chilli-red-1 (1)

Welcome to my new world of warmth!! Which is your favourite and why?

Brands and websites I looked at:

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26 thoughts on “6 winter clothing brands I’ve learnt to lust/love

  1. These are all great brands! It’s definitely important to wear many layers, especially while participating in a Winter sport. Would you be interested in sharing an infographic that I have in regards to how to stay safe during Winter activities?

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  4. Thanks for your post! It is helpful for my visit to Canada during Christmas. My experience with cold weather is limited.

  5. I wish to buy one coat from 66°North. They are so unique and stylish… and since I’m going to Iceland in August… but it is so damn expensive. Usually, I buy Anapurna clothes and they are not bad ! 🙂 But thanks for the rec, I’ve discovered new brands !! 🙂

  6. I think I’ve seen some of these at Burlingtoncoatfactory.com. They have a good variety of name brands, but the prices are much better than in the department stores. It makes it easier to stay warm and stay in a budget.

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  8. I live in the desert Southwest U.S. where the current temperature is about 100 degree fahrenheit. I grew up in the Great Lakes region with blizzards and cold weather. I have to tell you, looking at all these coats takes me back. I’m so glad to be out of the cold! I hope you have a good one to bundle up in.

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