How To Get From Down Under (Australia) To Up Over (Greenland)

So, you’re itching to exchange the sunburnt plains of Australia for the icy tundras of Greenland, eh? From the Sydney Opera House to massive glacial icebergs, it’s the kind of globe-trotting adventure most only dream of.

Well, you’re in the right place to make it happen! How the heck do you get from Australia to Greenland?

You certainly can’t walk there! But with the right steps (and a bit of patience), this dream journey is more than possible.

So buckle up, mates, and let’s dive into the ultimate guide to traveling from Down Under to Up Over.


Greenland Airport

You’re not just hopping from one town to another; this is an international voyage of discovery! But before you board that plane, it’s essential to determine your final destination within Greenland.

Destination Decisions

The vast terrains of Greenland offer a myriad of experiences. Decide if you’re venturing East, West, North, or South. And remember, the season matters too. Summer promises more flight routes, making your journey smoother.

Choice of Routes

East Greenland? Many routes lead there from Iceland. For almost everywhere else, Denmark is a popular hub, but don’t dismiss Iceland entirely. Kangerlussuaq, Greenland’s central airport, connects you to the entire country and has a handy flight from Copenhagen.

A golden rule? Always do your research.


Long-haul flight tip

Alright, fellow adventurer, brace yourself; this is the mammoth part of the journey. But with a sprinkle of strategy and a dash of patience, you can make it more bearable (and perhaps even enjoyable).

Australia to Europe

This route usually includes a pitstop in Asia. Clocking in at around 25 hours, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Aim for Copenhagen or Iceland.

Though getting directly to Iceland might hurt the wallet, a smart alternative is touching down in London first. Then hop over to Iceland with a budget-friendly ticket.

If you nab a return ticket for under A$ 2000, give yourself a pat on the back!

  • Budget-Friendly Routes:
    • Sydney – London – Iceland – Greenland (Ilulissat): Roughly A$ 3600.
    • Sydney – London – Reykjavik (Iceland) – Ilulissat via boat to Nuuk (Greenland) – Reykjavik: Starting from A$ 4000.

Australia to North America

Opting to fly west? The USA is your gateway.

Cities like Boston, San Francisco, and Chicago offer pathways to either Iceland or Copenhagen. Going through Iceland is shorter and positions you nicely for a direct flight to Greenland. But beware of the unpredictable weather patterns between Iceland and Greenland – invest in some robust travel insurance.

  • Remember: One-way tickets to Greenland don’t necessarily break the bank. Consider flying in from one place and departing from another for a versatile travel experience.


Booking a Flight

From Down Under to Up Over, airlines are your lifelines. Here’s the lowdown on some of the best (and budget-friendly) options out there.

European Flights

Fly with:

Greenland/Iceland Connections

Fly with:

Specialist Australian Travel Agents

Look into:


So, you’ve chosen your route, booked your flights, and you’re all set to explore the chilly wonders of Greenland. Now, what awaits you there, and how can you make the most of your Greenlandic adventure?

Discovering the Destinations

Greenland is not just about ice (although that’s a significant part). Depending on where and when you visit, there’s a plethora of natural experiences to soak in.

  • Northern Lights: If you time your visit during the dark months, you can witness this surreal light show. It’s truly a bucket-list item.
  • Midnight Sun: Conversely, if you visit in the summer, the sun never sets. Imagine a 2 a.m. hike with the sun still high!
  • Icebergs & Glaciers: Sail amongst the floating giants in places like Ilulissat Icefjord, or trek atop the glaciers, witnessing millennia-old ice under your feet.

Cultural Immersion

Greenland Man Traditional Culture

Greenland’s indigenous culture, the Inuit, have lived in harmony with their harsh surroundings for thousands of years. Make sure to:

  • Sample Local Cuisine: Try ‘suaasat‘ (a traditional soup) or even fermented shark if you’re adventurous!
  • Visit the Museums: Nuuk, the capital, has the National Museum offering deep insights into Greenlandic history and culture.
  • Attend Local Festivals: Depending on when you visit, there might be dog sledding competitions, music festivals, or traditional celebrations.

Wildlife Expeditions

Be it on land, sea, or air, Greenland is teeming with unique fauna.

  • Whale Watching: Summer months are ideal for spotting humpback, minke, and even colossal blue whales.
  • Bird Watching: The cliffs and shores are dotted with puffins, eagles, and guillemots.
  • Polar Bears: A rarer sight, but with the right expedition, you might spot these majestic beasts in the wild.


Once in Greenland, how do you get from one magical spot to another?

Boats and Ferries

With limited roads, boats become your best pals, especially during summer. The Arctic Umiaq Line offers stunning coastal voyages.


Domestic airports connect major towns, and with Air Greenland, you can hop from one site to another efficiently.

Dog Sledding

Yes, it’s as cool as it sounds! During winters, this becomes a common mode of transport in the north. Not just practical, it’s an experience of a lifetime.


While major towns have good cellular coverage, it’s wise to inform your loved ones about your whereabouts and plans. Wi-Fi is available in most hotels and hostels.


Always check weather conditions, especially if you plan on hiking or sailing. Hiring local guides is a smart way to navigate unfamiliar terrains safely.

Packing Right

Last but not least, remember, that Greenland’s weather can be unpredictable.

  • Layers: It’s the keyword. Thermals, fleece, waterproof outer layers, and good-quality boots are a must.
  • Sunglasses & Sunscreen: With the sun reflecting off snow and ice, these are essential even in colder months.
  • Camera & Binoculars: You wouldn’t want to miss capturing those stunning vistas and elusive wildlife.

Final Words

While Greenland might seem like a wallet-drainer at first glance, with a bit of research and the right deals, you can make this dream trip a reality. And who knows, with the sights and experiences awaiting you, every penny might just feel worth it.