Moving to Greenland – Uncovering the Facts, Myths, and Challenges

Moving to greenland

Greenland, a gem of the Nordic countries and a beauty bestowed upon this planet of Earth is a destination that many dream of calling home. Its breathtaking landscapes and unique culture make it a place of intrigue and wonder. However, moving to Greenland is not without its challenges, and it’s essential to be prepared for what lies ahead.

It doesn’t matter where you are currently in life, every person, at one point in life, has dreamt about moving to a Nordic country. Moving to Greenland is likely the very first priority on one’s list.

The place is more than just the scenic beauty but the process of moving is equally challenging. The style of living is quite different but you get used to things the more you stay, that is the beauty of living in Greenland.

The lifestyle in Greenland is distinct and may take some getting used to. For instance, many houses do not come equipped with dishwashers or fridges, so you’ll need to adapt to this way of life. The job market in Greenland is also unique. High-profile professions such as doctors, lawyers, skilled labor workers, nurses, and economists are in demand, but language barriers can pose a challenge. The local language is Greenlandic, and while some companies hire English-speaking individuals, it’s beneficial to learn the local language.

There are several things that you likely don’t know about Greenland, not just in terms of the immigration process, but the country in general. There are several minute information that you are likely unaware of.

For a website like ours that is catered to providing quality information to our readers, we don’t hold back on our research and that is why we have listed out every last detail that you need to know about your potential move to Greenland.

Are there any job opportunities?


Greenland has a host of job opportunities if you know where to find them. But, if you expect to move there and then get a job, it is likely not a very favourable choice.

We’d suggest you get a job and then think about moving.

Specific high-profile professions do have vacancies including doctors, lawyers, skilled labour workers, and even nurses and economists.

Language barriers can be an issue, so if you can, try and learn their local language before the move. It also helps you land better job opportunities as well. If you are wondering what language they speak in Greenland, it is Greenlandic.

You either have to be extremely good at your job or find better ways to manage things through.

Given how laidback and slow the culture is at Greenland, the need for educated people around is extremely high.

The Nordic people around live a very fishbowl kind of lifestyle, one that is prevalent even in the bigger cities in the country.

So, if you are wondering about jobs, if you have the right ways and resources, it becomes easier for you to create jobs for yourself.

There are not many online job portals, so don’t fall trap into the web of lies that many scammers talk about. That is the last thing you want.

Should one move to Greenland without a job?

One of the most common issues that people face is not landing a job after relocating to Greenland. Getting a job in this Nordic country can be tough, like anywhere else in the world. But, it is not impossible to land one. You just need to be resourceful and patient throughout the process.

The one good and bad thing about Greenland is how small the country is. You eventually meet and get to know everyone around you. People are extremely humble and warm, so you do get to network with more and more people eventually.

And, this is another thing that helps with the move.

The more you network with people, the easier it becomes for you to land better resources for a job.

One of the best ways to find good jobs is to meet more people. Attend more events, join more clubs when you reach there. You must be brave enough to try out your hand at new things in life.

But, another important thing to consider is to have enough money to tide you through the first three months in Greenland, especially if you fail to land a job in time.

You can also find some good and high-paying white-collar jobs via LinkedIn.

The culture in Greenland is laid-back, and the need for educated individuals is high. The job market isn’t saturated with online job portals, so networking and making connections is crucial. The small population means you’ll get to know everyone around you, which can be a significant advantage when job hunting.

What kind of challenges are you likely going to face?

Now that we have sorted you out with the basic information, it is time to give you all the negative sides to this move.

Thinking about Greenland as a beautiful country with even more beautiful scenic beauty around is easy. But, actually surviving there with a meager salary job or no job at all can be a challenge.


housing Greenland

Unless you are filthy rich and can buy a house in Greenland, you need to rent out a place for yourself. Finding a house in Greenland can be pretty challenging, especially when it comes to finding one in the private areas.

Unless you’re wealthy enough to buy a house, you’ll likely need to rent. Some companies provide housing for their employees, but these opportunities are rare. Financial constraints can also be an issue, as Greenland is not a cheap country to live in. The cost of flying in and out of the country, accommodation, and other amenities can be high.

But, one positive side to this is the already available housing under companies. This means that if a company is hiring you, it is likely that they will also arrange the housing situation for you. So, you wouldn’t have to worry about it. The only issue is that the same is rare. Finding such companies is tough.

Many immigrants with jobs in Greenland have even said that they have stretched their contracts with their current company because finding a new job elsewhere in town means changing accommodation, which in itself is a big challenge.

Financial Constraints

Unless you live in your bubble of joy, you’d know that Greenland is not a cheap country to move to.

None of the Nordic countries are, for that matter.

Flying in an out of Greenland is also a challenge, mainly because of how isolated the country is. Accommodation is pretty expensive and so are the other amenities around.

Language Barriers

As we did mention before, native people in Greenland speak Greenlandic. Language is not the easiest to understand and learn, so the language barrier is pretty common there.

But there are a few companies that do take care of your needs and hire English speaking people. Things get pretty awkward in social situations, especially when everyone is speaking Danish and Greenlandic and you are there staring at them with a poker face.

With the challenge that many non-Dane people face, the locals have started a few language schools that can help you out. In case you have some money to spare, you can easily enroll in one of these schools and learn the local language better.

Bente Meilvang and Per Langgård are two of the most popular language schools around.

Despite these challenges, Greenland has much to offer. Its scenic beauty is unmatched, with pleasant weather and stunning landscapes. The country is filled with art, from street art to native jewelers and tattoos. The people are warm and welcoming, and important services like education and healthcare are free.

How can one get a Residence Permit?

One of the hardest things, after you immigrate to Greenland, is getting your residency certificate. If you are from any of the other Nordic countries, getting a certificate is easy. But, in case you aren’t, things can get pretty challenging for you.

The majority of the professionals who have moved there for work have said that the Greenland immigration system is very disorganized and has fragile frameworks that make the entire process a lot more complicated than it is.

The lack of communication between the Danish and Greenlandic judiciary systems causes a hindrance for the people moving to Greenland, especially when they are in the process of securing a residency certificate.

But, over time, things are getting better. The application process is becoming a lot more transparent with a secure service timeline for you to look through. This gives you all the information that you likely need to know when you will get a response to the application that you submitted.

Roughly, it takes around three months for individuals to secure a residence visa.

Aside from the job seekers, many people who are now moving to Greenland come with their partners who have secured a job and some come in as exchange students and some come in because they have family there.

Why should one move to Greenland?

Other than the fact that it’s an amazing scenic beauty to be in, there are several reasons why relocating to Greenland is not as crazy as it sounds.

Before you ask, “Does anyone live in Greenland?” Yes, they do.

And, people immigrate to Greenland and other Nordic countries every single year, so there should be a reason why.

The scenic beauty is unmatched

Greenland nature

We can’t stress this enough but Greenland is everything dreams are made of. If you run a poll about the coolest place on the planet, it is likely this Nordic country.

It has pleasant and cold weather without any harsh climate changes and humid air. And, if you have heard that the country is cold and snowy throughout the year, it is a myth.

The summers are extremely beautiful, especially with the warmth and the beautiful scenic beauty around.

Greenland’s natural wonders are truly awe-inspiring. From the massive ice sheet that covers much of the country to the stunning fjords, mountains, and hot springs, Greenland’s natural beauty is unparalleled. The Ilulissat Icefjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a must-visit.

This spectacular glacier is one of the most active in the world, producing a significant amount of Greenland’s icebergs. The Northern Lights are another natural phenomenon that draws visitors to Greenland. This breathtaking light display can be seen from September to April.

There is a little bit of something for everyone

Greenland is a versatile country. From the adrenaline rush with the athletic sports around to the live music every day in clubs and bars. The country has scenic nature trails and isolated parks to match your melancholy.

The treacherous mountains and the snow-clad mountains are a worthy fix for all your adrenaline rush. Things get better and more fun the more you stay here.

As for live music in the local pubs, you also have concerts playing now and then from the local bands in Greenland, which are a lot of fun too.

It is filled with art

Another reason why moving to Greenland is a worthy choice is because of all the art you get to experience.

Every corner and cranny of the streets are filled with art, ones that will leave you speechless and floored. And, the best part is the versatility in the art. It is not limited to just the normal paintings and street art. You have native jewellers, tattoos, and a lot more.

Even if you don’t know much about art, every single piece that you come across is one that you will not regret spending your time admiring.

It is filled with amazing and warm people

Greenland people

Nordic people are extremely humble and warm. They also tend to welcome people with open arms and that is exactly how Greenland is.

People there love and live life to the fullest. They are extremely energetic, enthusiastic, and fun to be around. The activities are also very fun, even during the long winter nights.

Important services are free

Things like education, medical fees are completely free. So, if everything was not convincing enough for you to move to Greenland, we hope this would be.

Culture & History

Greenland’s culture is deeply rooted in its Inuit heritage. The Inuit people have lived in Greenland for thousands of years, and their traditions, customs, and language continue to shape the country’s identity. Traditional activities such as dog sledding, hunting, and fishing are still practiced today. The country is also known for its vibrant art scene, with local artists creating beautiful works inspired by the natural environment and Inuit mythology.

Greenland’s history is as vast and fascinating as its landscapes. From the early Paleo-Eskimo cultures to the Norse settlers and the modern Inuit communities, Greenland’s history is a rich tapestry of human resilience and adaptation. The National Museum in Nuuk offers a comprehensive overview of Greenland’s history, from its earliest inhabitants to the present day.

What are the things people don’t tell you about moving to Greenland?

With everything coming round to the end, we wanted to list out some of the important factors that people don’t possibly tell you about relocating to Greenland.

  1. The rented houses don’t come with dishwasher and fridges, so you need to bring things around with you.
  2. People are very open with the clubbing and pubbing scene in Greenland. So, even if you are a little young, it is likely that you wouldn’t face any issue getting into clubs there.
  3. Cheap wine is not a thing in Greenland. But, some of the “expensive” wines available in the country are pretty affordable.
  4. The quality street chocolate in Greenland is also pretty affordable but tastes just as amazing if you come around to it.
  5. Even though summer months are pretty comfortable, the one thing you wouldn’t enjoy are the giant mosquitoes during those hot summers.
  6. People take some time to dish out the important information to you, so you need to extensively follow up with them now and then.
  7. Summer months are pleasant and warm enough for you to get away wearing a simple t-shirt and shorts.
  8. Winter in Greenland is pretty extensive and lasts for about 8 months, so you do need to keep that into account.
  9. Healthcare in Greenland is free, so if you are suffering physically and need urgent care, you wouldn’t have to worry about expenses going in.

Your dream of moving to the beautiful country of Greenland is not as farfetched as it sounds. The process can be taxing and expansive but at the same time, it is also very prompt if you have the right resources at your disposal. Make sure that you network with like-minded people to get better results over time.

Final Words

Moving to Greenland is a significant decision that requires careful consideration and preparation. However, the country’s unique culture, rich history, and natural wonders make it a truly special place to call home.